Saturday, October 02, 2010

It's Good to be Home

I just got back from my critique group. It's been a long time. Being with a group of incredible writers feels wonderful. My vacation was great, but I missed being with them. I missed the learning. I've come to love the comments they make on what we all write. I so appreciate the time they take with my work.

When I first started writing I dreaded critique. I thought everyone was telling me what I was doing wrong. In some crazy way I thought they were criticizing me. Man, was I all wet. Now I know they are telling me how to make each piece better. I look forward to seeing how this group of talented people will help me polish my work.

Today there were ghost stories and stories about vampires. After all it is that time of year. There were also stories about Christmas, historical issues, and even a visit to a bog.

I am stoked! Let's see what I can turn out this week.

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