Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Where has the time gone? It's August! That means it's the end of summer and time to leave on the massive road trip my husband and I have planned. So now I'm packing furiously and trying to remember everything that we'll need. My biggest struggle is figuring out how to maintain a writing, critique, and blogging schedule.

I've managed to put some things in place, like mobile WiFi, getting a wireless printer for the RV, and arranging to swap manuscripts and chapters online. I think the most difficult part will be putting a writing schedule together and maintaining it; along with exercise.

I would love to visit some independent bookstores while I'm on the road. Here's my itinerary, if any of you can think of a bookstore I should stop by in one of the areas I plan to visit, please let me know. We're going to Arizona, New Mexico, Iowa, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida, Maine, Indiana, and probably more places.

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