Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well everyone, I've started writing again. I decided to go back through my science fiction novel to make it the best that I can. Hopefully the process will improve my my skill and maybe one day I can even get published.

Who knows? Certainly not me. Today I write and re-write. I will keep at this until I have something that really works. Something that people want to read and can't put down.

There are several authors' work that I feel that way about; Anne McCaffery, Elizabeth Moon, Nora Roberts as J. D. Robb, and S. L. Veihl. If they can do it, maybe I can too.

I attend a critique group regularly where I present my work. It is difficult to tell if what they enjoy is my gift for expressive reading or the actual work. It's really hard to tell.

I want to take a writing course, but how do I know which one to take? And can it really teach me what I need to know? I often think that a mentor would be more helpful, but how does one get one of those. Any suggestions?

If anybody out there has a suggestion, I would love to hear from them.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's been a while since I have posted. The truth is that I have been afraid to write...anything. Here's the truth. I recently received a critique and I felt completely discouraged.

It is extremely hard for me to sort out what is 'good' critique from a style preference. After struggling with the comments I finally determined that about 30% of the critique warranted my attention the rest may not have been valid. But the result for me was discouragement. After that I developed a 'fear' of writing. Afraid that I can't write. Afraid that I won't write.

I talked to several friends that they all said that I can either keep at it and eventually succeed or I can throw in the towel. After all, very few people make it anyway. I would really like to be one of those few, so I guess it means that I'd better keep at it.

I'm committing, once again to the process; re-writing old pieces and making them better and writing new pieces and making them my best. I don't doubt that I'll get discouraged again. I just trust that my good friends will continue to tell me the truth and give me a swift kick when I need it.


Friday, December 01, 2006

It's December already. I had no idea the year would pass so quickly. While everyone around me is making Christmas plans and buying gifts, I'm trying to find time in my schedule, and space in my mind, to write.

The greatest hurdle for me is to find the space in my mind. The work I is very emotional and stressful. By the time I get home each evening I am thoroughly spent. I manage to check my email, prepare dinner and eat it, and search for ways to unload all that my mind has encountered. So when am I going to write?

I try to get something written regularly, but every night is not possible for me. Some days I'm doing well if I can manage to cook food to eat, let alone write. Other days I manage to get a few lines in. Writing after I get in from work is almost always more than I can manage.

I started a project, one that I am still commited to, only to find out I should have been working on another one. Carolrhoda is actively seeking YA science fiction and fantasy with a deadline of November 30!! Of course I would be working on the other project rather than the sci fi one. And of course I only found out two days before the deadline. So once again I am singing the publishing/writing blues.

Well, I guess the answer is to just keep writing. Sooner or later I have got to have the right piece finished at the right time.