Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! Today is the day our nation celebrates our independence from England. The need for our separation from that kingdom was not so much that we believed that England was evil. On the contrary, we share a great relationship with that nation to this day. Rather it was more that we felt the relationship was uneven, unfair. We were asked to share in the costs and support of that kingdom without adequate advocacy for our part, and so began the conflict.

It is much the same for traditional publishing today. This is the reason many writers, myself included, have chosen to go the independent route. It is not that traditional publishing houses are evil. It is more that they are extremely one-sided with little to no support for the writers that create the work that keeps their business afloat, particularly the newbies and mid-listers.

So, today while I celebrate the birth of a great nation, I also celebrate one of my better decisions.



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