Saturday, October 23, 2010

Really Doing It

I have been back from vacation for 4 weeks now. Everyday I have made good on my commitment to treat my writing like I would a job. So, every morning at 10AM you will find me in front of my computer writing away. And doing it happily.

It's funny, for years I have heard that to be a successful writer I need to be writing everyday. I guess I never believed it. I thought that if I wrote on a regular basis that would be enough. I have found that writing everyday is a far cry from writing on a regular basis. I guess I would have to admit that they were right.

What I have noticed in this short time is amazing. My writing has dramatically improved. It has even affected the my recognition of problems within the piece.

I'm not completely sure why I never did it before. I used excuses like I'm too tired after coming home from work. Or, I need to wait until I get inspired. And there's even the excuse that I have to wait until I can figure out what happens next. Unbelievable. Now that I can see the difference in my writing for myself, I am determined to continue this practice.

Yesterday a friend sent me an email about a writing contest for YA writers. It's being sponsored by Guide to Literary Agents. In order to submit to the contest they ask that you mention the contest in your social media, so I'm doing it here and on my Facebook page. The prizes are: a critique by literary agent Tamar Rydzinski and a free one-year subscription to I'm game. How about you?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

It's Good to be Home

I just got back from my critique group. It's been a long time. Being with a group of incredible writers feels wonderful. My vacation was great, but I missed being with them. I missed the learning. I've come to love the comments they make on what we all write. I so appreciate the time they take with my work.

When I first started writing I dreaded critique. I thought everyone was telling me what I was doing wrong. In some crazy way I thought they were criticizing me. Man, was I all wet. Now I know they are telling me how to make each piece better. I look forward to seeing how this group of talented people will help me polish my work.

Today there were ghost stories and stories about vampires. After all it is that time of year. There were also stories about Christmas, historical issues, and even a visit to a bog.

I am stoked! Let's see what I can turn out this week.